Sorry guys I’ve been out of touch – I know it’s been some time since we last connected. I’ve missed you!

I got swept away on the “Dream-Train” and have been writing my first book…

I can’t wait to share it with you, I really believe it will encourage you (or a friend) with gaining self-acceptance.

It’s coming out super-soon, April 26, and wanted you to be first to hear about it. Of course for being apart of my blog, I literally can’t wait to send it to you as a gift!


I’m convinced more than ever, while we are going about our work, and tending to our families – it’s crucial we tend to the dreams and callings that have been placed inside of us.

Because no matter what, progress upon your dreams is vital to your life.

I think one reason we don’t board the Dream Train is we just don’t know how to move forward, so we stay STUCK ON THE LANDING PLATFORM of life.

I was so stuck on how to move forward on writing, I thought I’d missed the Dream Train permanently. It wasn’t until I found the power of “speaking out my dream” to others, that things began shifting. It really made me own it.

I read where prior to battle, the Tartar Tribes of Central Asia used to make a pronouncement over their enemies. It had nothing to do with their ability to overpower or wipe out their enemy in battle.
Instead their curse was:

“May you stay in one place forever.”

That’s what your negative self-talk desires for you, to stay the same this year as you were last year.

Be determined not to settle-
Keep moving forward, no matter how silly or little the steps may seem.

I want to encourage you to speak out your dreams and goals to a friend, or someone close, so you can keep moving towards them.

I believe as you do that…you’ll discover you can do more than you THINK you can, this year.

I’d love to hear what helps you, and is keeping you motivated?

Leave a comment below, you never know how your insight can encourage and help someone else!