In life, it’s easy to sit back and say “I’m just waiting on God,” or “I’m just praying about it.” When God is actually waiting on us. The Scripture says “We walk by faith.”—2 Cor. 5:7

You can’t think your way to your destiny, you have to step into it. Learn how to take action on what God is telling you to do by becoming a Do it Now! Person today.

How many times in your life have you heard that God’s timing is perfect? A lot? I know I have.

Well, it’s true. His timing is perfect just the same as there is no such thing as coincidence. We often see people step into their destiny and we are amazed by the wonder, the almost magical way, in which they achieved their goals.

We ask ourselves, “Were they just lucky?” “In the right place at the right time?” “Did they just know the right people, make the right connections?” And the very big question, of course:

Why couldn’t that have been me?

As Christians, we pray and wait for Him to reveal to us His Will and perfect plan for our life. However, many times God is waiting for us to act.

So many times we overthink pursuing our goals and our dreams and get scared. The more time that passes, the less driven we are to try and achieve them. God keeps the passion beating within our heart to one day go after those dreams, so we pray for that open door or that ray of light to shine upon us, so we will know the right thing to do. But all along, God is waiting for us to take action.

“…I want to encourage you to stop waiting on the dreams and the goals that God’s put in your heart and become a Do It Now! Person.”—Eileen Wilder

Stop overthinking & take action now.

It’s about taking small, mini-steps toward reaching your goals. Taking that walk of faith.
It’s also about re-programming your mind to be a person of action!

Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” —W. Clement Stone

Mr. Stone was a person of action and posted signs around his company saying, “Do it now!” He even asked his employees to say this as many as 100 times per day so they would become people of action!

His attitude and philosophy were that you can program your mind by what is coming out of your mouth and by your environment (like having the signs hanging around you to give you positive reinforcement.)
This is very powerful stuff! It can give you your “strongest life.”

Wow! I want to look amazing, Jesus, but we won’t shower or do our hair. Wow! I want to feel so great, Lord, but we won’t eat healthily and put the junk food down. Lord, I want to change the world, but we’re not even changing our sheets.” —Eileen Wilder