How to Get Rid of Overwhelm

Do you ever feel like you are stuck?

Discover the “Mental White Space” Exercise! For those of you who need guidance getting through all the “action items” in your head, this can really make a difference and get rid of overwhelm, instantly.

How to Stop Overthinking & Gain Momentum

When Moses was leading the Israelites through the wilderness, they camped for a while and then the Lord said: Quit praying and get the people moving! Forward, march! —Ex. 14:15 Moses was all, “God, move; get this show on the road.” But God was like: “YOU get the show...

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How to End Anxiety In 5 Seconds

  Have you ever felt anxious, but trying to "calm yourself down" doesn't work? In fact studies show that people who try to "suppress" anxious thinking, actually, make it worse. The trick is to give your brain a reason for WHY you're feeling the way you do....

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Join My Pivot Launch Team & Receive 5 Exclusive Benefits

Part of reaching your destiny is recognizing you need others to help you along the way. That’s true for you. It’s true for me. A lot of work goes into successfully launching a book, and honestly—I can’t do it alone. However, if you're up for linking arms, and having...

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