How to Stop Overthinking & Gain Momentum

When Moses was leading the Israelites through the wilderness, they camped for a while and then the Lord said:

Quit praying and get the people moving! Forward, march! —Ex. 14:15

Moses was all, “God, move; get this show on the road.”

But God was like: “YOU get the show on the road.”

In fact, He said “Tell the children of Israel to go forward. But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it.”

We see the rod again, the symbol of authority used to take action. I love how God shouts at Moses:

“Quit praying!”

Can you imagine? I bet that lit a fire under Moses!

In the same way, I want to light a fire under you!

Stop Overthinking:

Take the seed of action God is leading you to take!

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