How to Get Rid of Overwhelm

As Christians, we pray and wait for Him to reveal to us His Will and perfect plan for our life. However, in the latest video posted by Eileen Wilder as she encourages us to Become a Do It Now! Person, she explains how sometimes God is waiting for us to act.

So many things we overthink pursuing our goals and our dreams and get scared. The more time that passes, the less driven we are to try and achieve them. God keeps the passion beating within our heart to one day go after those dreams, so we pray for that open door or that ray of light to shine upon us, so we will know the right thing to do. But all along, God is waiting for us to take action.

Do you ever feel like you are stuck? Do you get discouraged because you don’t think you will ever achieve your goals and dreams? Eileen has a new book available on Amazon called The Pivot Plan. It is a wonderful book. It has a chapter in it that is especially helpful for people who are stuck and need that extra push. It’s called “Mental White Space” and, for those of you who need guidance getting through all the “action items” in your head, this can really make a difference.

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Become a Do It Now! Person

In life, it's easy to sit back and say "I'm just waiting on God," or "I'm just praying about it." When God is actually waiting on us. The Scripture says "We walk by faith."—2 Cor. 5:7 You can't think your way to your destiny, you have to step into it. Learn how to...

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