Have you ever wrestled with unexplainable frustration, exhaustion, and  disappointment?

Have you ever been confused about why you can’t seem to make progress and it seems like you’re just hitting a wall?

Recently, I read that over 35 million people wrestle with a type of  “low grade” depression, called “dysthymia”.

When our sense of meaning, self, and contribution become clouded, often – our personal health, emotional well-being, and relationships suffer greatly as a result.

It’s interesting, the medical title for low grade depression is “dysthymia”, a Greek word that means “bad state of mind.

Years ago, I had this vague, uneasy sense about myself. It showed up in constant frustration.

Unexplainable exhaustion. A low lying sense of guilt that I was NEVER doing enough.

I had a bad state of mind (BTW: doesn’t this sound like a Billy Joel song title?)

BUT….here’s the thing, it wasn’t once a week…it was all. the. time.

I thought I was just a little “different” or not as “bouncy” as some of my peers. I didn’t realize the root was deeper.

I didn’t realize I was addicted to negative self-talk.

Looking for relief, the only advice I felt I was hearing was to “just get over it.”  Yet, within the hour, I’d be accosted by negative thoughts.

I needed a strategy.

I needed something to do.

I needed to fight negative self-talk with a plan.

But… how does that look exactly? What do you do when your numb and don’t know where to start?

It wasn’t until I learned that self-care was the antidote for emotional exhaustion that things started getting better for me personally.   After learning about the art of self-care, I discovered I was doing a few, very key things wrong.

To jumpstart your own wellness journey, here are a few keys to get started:


Understand that self care is spiritual. Jesus was the king of self-care. He did this by taking time for himself, drawing away and nourishing his soul. In fact, it is recorded Jesus did this over 14 times in the New Testament.



I heard this quote the other day, “Your elevation may require your isolation.”


Sometimes, being alone with ourselves to assess, reevaluate and reconnect is JUST the  element we are missing to elevate our entire life.



If you don’t take care of you, who will? Not even your spouse can carve out this time for you. You must prioritize what your spirit, soul and body need – and THEN you will be a better caregiver to the others in your world.


You are the only one who can do you.

What would it look like if through proper self-care, we could evaluate our mental state, and ensure we are doing the work that matters most?

What if we could be elevated from a “bad state of mind” to one that’s life-giving and peaceful?

I want to invite you to delve a little deeper take 21 days and invest in yourself.

Beginning October 1st, I’m starting a 21 Day Self-Care Challenge for people who  “know what they have to do but aren’t doing it”. I’d love to have you join us!

The Challenge is designed to guide you from frustration to freedom by giving you the tools you need to evaluate, assess and reconnect with yourself, based on 4 Proven Strategies that actually WORK.

In the Challenge you will receive something short for 21 days, a mix bag of:

  • short motivational videos
  • inspirational graphics
  • Self Care Cheat Sheets

Everything you need have a healthier mind, body and life – delivered right to your inbox.

Take 21 Days to invest in yourself. You will be stronger, feel lighter and actually achieve more – because you’ve taken the time to invest in your most precious asset: you!

With so much love,





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Can’t wait to see you inside the Challenge!