I consider myself to be a creative, spontaneous person. I used to think that setting goals were more for super smart, super organized people, and it seemed too complicated and time-consuming. Whenever I heard people talk about setting goals, I thought it was not for me. I didn’t have the right planners, the right lists or the right formulas.

What I didn’t realize is that setting goals can be fun and exciting. I began to learn that goals are the mile markers that urge you along on the way to achieving your God-given dreams. Setting your goals do not have to be hard or time-consuming, but they are vital in moving you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. You can begin setting your goals using these four simple steps:

Step 1: Clarify Your Desires

Don’t be afraid of your desires, because they are linked with your specific purpose. God has placed these desires in your heart and He wants to be the one to fulfill them.

Step 2: Identify Your Roles and Goals 

Identify your roles, which can include but are not limited to being a mother, wife, husband, father, friend, artist, creator, etc. Right next to the roles you have identified, write one specific, simple goal. Written goals are meant to be clear, specific, and have a date of desired accomplishment.

Step 3: Write them down 

There is so much power in writing things down. The bible tells us to write the vision and make it plain, so that people can see it and run with it. Furthermore, there was an amazing study done at the Dominican University by Gail Matthews which showed that the very act of people writing down their goals increased their chances of accomplishing them by 42%. Can you imagine writing your goals down and experiencing almost a 50% greater chance of achieving them?

Step 4: Make them Visible 

Something powerful happens when you keep your roles, goals, and desires before you and keep your eyes focused on where you want to go. The bible even talks about keeping His word before our eyes. However, this is the one step where many people skip over it or miss it altogether and they often do not achieve their goals because they simply don’t keep them visible. I used to just write my goals, put them in a drawer, and never think about them again. When I began to make them visible, I thought about them more often and made steps to accomplish them.

These roles and goals, these desires that you have burning in your heart have been put there by God, so dignify them by placing them before your eyes and keeping them visible. What you hold before your eyes is going to be what shows up in your life. When you take some time, even if it’s only fifteen minutes or so, and you sit down and go over these four steps, I guarantee you that it is going to make a difference in achieving your goals and desires.