“Transition is God’s form of promotion.” —T.D. Jakes

Just before the New Year, we were praying and feeling like God was taking us into a season of transition.  We did not know all of the details, however we knew that a transition was coming.  In the beginning, it seemed scary. We had lived in D.C. for over twenty years, we were very comfortable, happy, and our children were very settled.  We were blessed and planted in a great church, where we worked as Associate Pastors.

So, Why would God ask us to move?

In today’s teaching, I am going to show you Four Keys regarding how God leads us in seasons of transition.

1. He Starts to Make You feel Uncomfortable:

God asking us to move, definitely placed us outside our comfort zone.  We were reminded of when Moses was called by God to lead His people out of Egypt.

Moses felt comfortable where he was, he also felt unqualified to do what God was calling him to do.

We knew that if God was calling us to move, then He was going to give us what we needed to see it through.

2. God Reveals things Little by Little:

It is funny, we say things to God like, “I surrender all”, but we do not really understand the magnitude of that statement.  We don’t really expect God to take us up on it!

When we prayed for answers regarding the specific details of our move, those details did not come to us all at once.  The answers came little by little.  

God reveals answers to us little by little through His word and through other people.  God will supply just enough light for each step you take toward what He is calling you to do.

3. It Does Not Seem to Make Sense:

In the natural, it seemed crazy that we would pick up and leave.  People would ask us questions, that we did not have answers to.

What we did know,  was that if God was calling us to this, we did not need to know all of the answers.

Here is the Key: God never says people will fully understand.  God asks us to fully obey!

The bible says we walk by Faith not by sight.  Who walks? You do!

Walk by faith and be obedient to where God is leading you to go!

4. Utter Surrender and Total Trust:

God requires us to totally surrender to His will.  God asks us to un-pry our hands off the steering wheel of life and give him control.

Sometimes, we think we are surrendering, but as soon as something happens, we begin to feel insecure and out of our comfort zone.

 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways submit to him and He will make your paths straight.”- Proverbs 3: 5-6


Remember:  God goes before you! 

We are now living in a new city and have a new apartment.  God is still unveiling to us more and more of his plan for our lives.

Dear child, I want your full attention; please do what I show you”- Proverbs 23:36


Whether you are moving into transition, fully in transition or moving out of transition, know that God is going before you, ordering your steps. Go and do what he is showing you to do!