I’m a screamer. When I see a bug, beetle, spider, I let loose. I scream. Loud.

In the same way that we respond (in my case, FREAK) against invaders we should respond to worry in our life. A study funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted by Dr. Walter Calvert, found that only 8% of our worries are over legitimate troubles.

That means we have spent 92% of our emotional energy on things that won’t ever even happen. Can you imagine how great you’d feel if you didn’t worry?  The good news is the solution is so easy! So easy, in fact, that we often miss it! Even people of faith fail to implement this one, foolproof formula.

“Let praise shape your worries into prayers” – Philippians 4:6

As a card carrying member of Chronic Worriers Anonymous, this took me years to discover. Now when I encounter worries, big or small, I do the three steps below in a hurry.

For instance the other day I was dreading a conversation I needed to have with a friend. I would have rather eaten bugs in Acapulco, than talk to this girl. But it needed to be done. That morning, I spent just a minute, saying:

God thank you You are all over this situation. Thank you for giving me peace, the right words…the strength to have this conversation with ease…..Please God, Let her apologize profusely for all she did to me, with weeping and groveling.”

(I may have been overdoing it on that last part)

That was it! To my amazement, God was all over our conversation. It went way better than I ever dreamed it would go.


1. Narrow down what has gotten your panties in a bunch.

Take a minute to get specific about what it is that’s bothering you. It doesn’t matter how small it is. This is important because if you’re vague, you won’t know if God came through or not.

2. Like a cookie cutter shapes dough, let words of applause surround your concern.

Does God need your applause? No. But you need it, to get your worries in perspective. When you take time to stop telling God how large your problem is, and start telling your problem how big God is – get ready for some home baked goodness!

Use words like: “Thank you that _____I praise you in advance that _____God you are awesome, I know that _____”     BONUS tip: Sometimes I smile on purpose during this step.

3. Keep it up. ’till you start to feel crazy good.

Ooooohhhhhh I love this part. If you let praise be the package to deliver your concerns – it only takes a few minutes before your heart settles, you mind calms, and supernatural happy-juices start flowing.

The verse goes on to say: “God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good – will come and settle you down….”  So no worries! KILL ‘EM DEAD with Praise Instead. 

New branding for my next Insect Killer!

Have you ever wrestled with worry? What techniques have helped you?