“Could you kindly move your behind please?”

“What was … that?” I exclaimed, spinning around to address the voice. It was then I realized my rear end was in the way, keeping the man from his table.  Recognizing the hilarity of the situation, we both erupted in laughter, causing looks of irritation from those grabbing lunch around us.

Having just delivered my third child, I was 60 pounds over my normal weight. In my present state, I was unaware of my new body dimensions. Granted, my bottom was much rounder than normal, but in a strange phenomenon unique to childbearing, it had also grown horizontally.

It was as if a small shelf was now attached to my backside.

Why— the man could have rested his coffee on my behind if he had wanted to!

In that moment, it was as if time stood still. The lyric of the laughter, the aghast look on the gentleman’s face—life played in surreal slow motion as I contemplated:

…I hadn’t always been as kind to my body as I was being now.

In fact, we had been vicious enemies for over two decades.

The moment lasted only seconds, but within the sound of the laughter was the echo of my freedom. I recognized something profound in this corner bistro, something that had eluded me throughout my youth:

I had finally made peace with my behind.

When what lies “behind” you is disappointment with your weight or frustration that you just can’t seem to move forward—it’s easy to let what’s behind you, define you.

Statistics show 8 out of 10 of us feel insecure about our bodies. In fact, 97% of women have this thought each day— “I hate my body.”

I remember as a 20-year-old, I had been so long involved with disordered eating that I began to believe disorder was my future.

I couldn’t imagine a world where I would wake up and not obsess about my body or what I was eating.

I couldn’t imagine living light and free, devoid of the aching insecurity and depression that had become my constant companions.

I desperately wanted to experience a different reality, but I had no idea how.

My big behind was in the way.

It was as if there lay a chasm between who I longed to be—healthy, radiant, secure, confident—and who I saw in the mirror.  All I saw was a girl—overweight, unstable, with a side of cray-cray.

Finally, after a doctor said I would “never get pregnant” if I continued this path of disordered eating, I dug into the Word, and into restorative teaching. I discovered what I believe are 3 crucial steps.

Not all will take them, but all who do will move toward the promise instead of the problem. Here they are:

1. Know You’re Hot

God wants you to know how valuable you really are. In fact, he calls you His Masterpiece! Some translations denote “luxury.” You are in God’s luxury line! The finest of His creation, the apex of all his works. Rise up, take a risk—and believe you are a hot, luxurious masterpiece handcrafted by heaven. Careful now, this takes real bravery—but dare to believe it.

2. Stop Hiding

Stop avoiding the truth of who God made you and act: Disciplined. Confident. Radiant. Why not “act as if” you already have the authority that He says you can have? What have you got to lose? Bold faith makes him proud and demonstrates you believe what He says over your emotions.

3. Start Before You’re Ready

Too often we wait to “feel it” before we “do it.” William Shakespeare wrote, “Assume the attitude, though you have it not.” It’s only when we start acting as if God’s Word is true, that we can plan for success.

• Hold your head up high.
• Shake people’s hands with confidence.
• Look them in the eye.
• Act like you already possess the Bible-confidence God says you can have.

As you lean in and do these 3 Steps, you just might erupt in laughter, as I did in the café those years ago, hearing heaven whisper:

“Thank you, sweetheart, for moving your behind.”