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The Brave Body Method Book

In this landmark book, Eileen Wilder shares her compelling journey to lose weight and overcome the painful grip of eating disorders, depression and anxiety. Using these 4 simple strategies she shows how you can finally lose the weight and keep it off forever! Eileen’s astonishing transformation began when she realized the link between her low self-esteem, negative self-talk and weight loss.

Countless women have seen miraculous results using this simple, yet surprisingly powerful approach. The testimonials about this method are nothing short of remarkable. With hundreds of reader comments, this book has received 5 stars and enthusiastic praise from women who have tried every diet book and failed, but now… through The Brave Body Method are losing the weight and gaining self-acceptance.

Learn How To:

• Lose Weight Easily & Keep it Off Permanently by Doing Less not More
• Discover Exactly How God Sees You, and Send Your Self-Esteem Soaring
• Gain Control Over Your Mind, and Springboard from Frustration to Freedom
• Overcome Negative Self-Talk Once-And-For-All with the “Strainer Technique”
• Learn How to Effortlessly Build Confidence through Strategic Mini-Habits
• Master the Exact Method that will Skyrocket your Mood… Immediately!